Smart Interactive calendar

Smart and visual appealing user interface Supports, a five working days week, calendar week and monthly viewing options Integrated simple and direct booking system Supports date-bound courses / services Enable export / print timetable View timetables per students / clients, room and programs Find rooms by availability, capacity and size Supports appointments and lessons update

Secured database

Reliable and secure cloud baded hosting server Protection against common hacking methods Passwords and sensitive data are encrypted at the database level Expert technical team Daily back-ups with 30 days retention Servers are hosted in Australia and Hong Kong

Information Management

Easy staff, student and client profile registration Tracks payment records Support attendance and payment tracking Generate financial and business performance reports Configurable programs, classes, courses, services and event details with pricing * (only available for main group users)


theSupervisor offers options to easily keep in touch with your students, guardians and clients. No effort is required to maintain those lists as all the information is already stored in the system.


Easy to use Receipt template Tracks payment and auto update records

Smart interface design

“One-page-views-all” online dashboard Simple and easy to operate control panel Login portal for both group and sub-group account holders Responsive control panel Mobile and tablets compatible **

**[suitable for iOS 6 or above; android 4.1 or above]

Franchises & branches management

theSupervisor provides a great management platform specifically for users with multiple offices, groups and/or a network of franchisees. Main group users can create and dedicate accounts for their franchises or branches, be able to track financial records and view overall performance of their staff, client and students.

Easy to create and manage accounts for branches and franchises members Automatic invitation to any new branch member and franchisee once accounts are created Monitors overall performance, profiles and database Tracks financial records Able to update classes, programs, courses, events and services details


Once you've got your theSupervisor account, we will provide you an introduction and initial training via a virtual portal *follow the links and instructions from the welcome email. After setting up this portal on your PC, we will instruct you and bring you up to speed with all the features of your theSupervisor account one on one!