About theSupervisor

Developed & tested in Australia, The Supervisor is a simple cloud based database management system for small to medium size education institutions and service based businesses to manage booking, programs and client databases.

With the ability to create linked accounts for group members and franchise branches, The Supervisor is the perfect tool for business owners to manage databases and oversee the performance of group members within the business community.

theSupervisor enables you to

  • To manage bookings and appointments
  • To review and update timetable
  • To create accounts and login for your branches and any franchise stores
  • To oversee your business performance and financial records from all branches
  • To view all daily activities and schedule via web-based dashboard
  • To create and send invoices and receipt
  • To securely store and manage student, client & staff profiles
  • To customise classes, courses, programs and services details
  • To send booking reminders and notifications via an automatic system
  • To generate performance and financial reports

Who needs theSupervisor

  • Small individual service based businesses
  • Companies and corporations with multiple offices and franchise stores
  • Educational service providers with multiple locations, or franchised institutions.